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Summer 2020

A Separate Summer Menu




Shots of Watermelon, Red Onion and Coriander Salsa
This lovely pink salsa gives a sharp, bright accent to summer meals, especially if served chilled.  The beauty of a salsa lies in the careful cutting and chopping of the ingredients.  For the best effect, try to chop the red onion and chilli into dice: little evenly shaped cubes.
Serve with teaspoons

Smoked Trout Scones
Our recipe will produce 35 baby scones if you use a 3.5 cm diameter cutter.  Split and fill with dilled cucumber (see our Favourite Recipes) a lemony cream cheese mix and smoked trout.  Set the top at a jaunty angle, then dip the exposed cream cheese into finely cut chives to decorate.  Dainty and divine

Mediterranean Filo Fingers
With its vivid rows of green, scarlet and black – finely sliced and lightly charred courgettes, tomato and aubergine, laid thinly onto filo pastry, this tart tastes as good as it looks. Sprinkle thyme leaves between the buttered sheets of filo before baking.  Serve in fingers or squares with a relish of chopped black olives, capers, garlic and anchovies

Mini Tomato and Orange Cappuccino Soups
A Connie Spry flavour combination which is surprisingly tasty, refreshing and colourful. The soup is thickened by a soft purée of sweet vegetables. Ideally use a mouli-legumes, otherwise whizz in a blender and push through a wide-mesh sieve.  Serve hot, with a foaming topping of milk frothed with a stick blender, or chilled with a herb garnish and a dusting of smoked paprika powder

Breast of Chicken with a Coronation Sauce, Avocado, Mango and Petal Sprinkle
Conceived by Carolyn Robb for the young Royal Family on the Yacht Britannia, Carolyn shows that this royal favourite can rise again with a flourish.  Spices, a delicious mango chutney from Geeta and a gorgeous wobbly homemade mayonnaise transforms it.   Buy organic chicken breasts from a quality butcher and roast, dice when cool – serve with the curried mayo sauce, toasted nuts, fresh fruits and flowers

Mixed Grain and Pantry Shelf Salad with Dill, Mint and ‘Nduja
Delve into the larder and cook separately, according to packet instructions, quinoa, red Camargue rice, pearl barley, and giant cous cous.  Just make sure everything is tender – steaming in a sieve over boiling water afterwards often helps.  For a creamy texture – add rinsed cans of flageolet beans, freshly boiled Puy lentils, jars of sliced red peppers.    Or use the Merchant Gourmet pouches.  Stir in an olive and cider vinegar dressing and scatter over plenty of chopped mint, dill, parsley and pieces of ‘nduja just before serving

Black Forest Butterfly Cakes with Maraschino Cherries and Gold Rainbow Dust
We’ve found cup cakes are easier to serve individually, it’s more hygienic than slicing and handling a large, creamy cake.  Make sure you fill the paper-cases to the top before baking to ensure a good rise, which is cut in half to make the wings.  Serve with whipped cream

Peaches and Nectarines in Chilled Muscat Wine
No need to peel, simply slice and stone the fruit into a handsome glass bowl.  Quickly pour the wine over, straight from the fridge, just before the buffet.   Choose from Asti or Moscato.  They are both sparkling wines, low in alcohol – fresh, fruity and playful with floral notes