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Autumn 2019

A Feast to Welcome the Autumn

Lorna Wing’s Cheddar Shortbreads with Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Burrato

These dainty biscuits make perfect snacks and canapé bases, freeze beautifully, and are easy to make. The mix is just the right consistency for rolling out – and a good way to use up all those cherry tomatoes. A little dollop of Lyn’s freshly-foraged Hedgerow Jelly, with a sliver of Cheddar or Gruyère, makes a seasonal alternative topping


Stuffed Little Summer Squash with Mixed Mushrooms Herbs and Cream

Inspired by Sally Clarke, any small, ripe tasty squash is ideal to hollow out and then fill with an autumnal collection of mushrooms. Infuse double cream with garlic and herbs and reduce, before baking all together for one of the most satisfying starters ever


Duck Breasts with Blackberry Sauce

The rich, fruity blackberry and port sauce, with a comforting back note of spice is made beforehand and freezes well if you wish to get ahead. Find out the best way to develop a crispy skin on the duck breasts and serve them perfectly cooked. The sauce complements the duck, both in colour and taste - it is a perfect autumnal dish for a dinner party

Salted Pork Ribs with Toasted Almonds, Coriander, Quince Paste and Smoked Paprika

This Spanish-fusion recipe uses a humble cut of meat and simple ingredients to make a warming and delicious main course. By brining the pork ribs first, you increase their flavour. Allow plenty of time for the relaxed slow-cooking, then enjoy the rich and sticky results


Chilli Pineapple with Lime Cream

Chilli and pineapple work so well together. This is a quick dessert where the pineapple pieces are cooked in a brown sugar and butter sauce with a fiery red chilli and served hot with a cool lime cream, delicious!


Plums with Red Wine

Although a quick, homely dessert, plums and red wine give you those deep glowing, dusky burgundy, mulberry colours – quintessentially autumnal. It can be made the day before and seems to get better the longer you keep it. Serve with homemade chocolate cake, or thick slices of almond or ginger pound cake, bought from a deli


Fig and Fennel Tart with Sweet Shortcrust Pastry

This fabulous tart works best with small round black figs with a dense flesh. Figs have just the right amount of moisture to provide a juicy filling, without weeping and making everything soggy, as do some top fruits which come from heavily irrigated orchards. Try making your shortcrust pastry with strong flour for a very crisp result.


Ginger Hazelnut Brownie

Based on a delightful recipe from a cook book bought in an Icelandic restaurant this brownie’s fudge-like texture is good enough to serve as a dessert, as well as just with morning coffee. It uses fresh ginger which is combined with things luxurious, such as chocolate, cream, honey and hazelnuts. Very rich it is – a little goes a long way