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Spring 2020

Food for Friends



Prosecco Cocktails with St Germain Elderflower Liqueur

A delicious way of getting things off to a lively start. The Elderflower Liqueur perks up faintly dull and acid sparkling chardonnays and is heaven with a good Prosecco. If St Germain proves elusive, get Chase Elderfower Liqueur, made from Hereford wild elderflowers


Parmesan Crisps

Made from just one ingredient, grated Parmesan cheese, the crisps bake in 8 minutes. The skill is in their shaping on the baking tray – so they all come out, like the words of the carol, light and crisp and even. Serve on their own with drinks, or as a starter with the Parmesan Custards


Parmesan Custards

Sublimely smooth, these wobbly savoury custards, are gently baked in a water bath, and turned out like crème caramels. Serve cold as a starter with some delicate salad and herb leaves, dressed with a slightly peppery olive oil


Sybil Kapoor’s Seville Orange Marinated Chicken Breasts

Ideal for mid-week suppers, the breasts are flattened into escalopes and steeped in Seville orange juice and thyme. Grilled in a flash, they are served with slices of chilled orange butter, made in advance


Braised Lamb with White Beans, Tomato, Cloves, Garlic and Thyme

No-one would know that this could be made with some old lamb shanks, or a shoulder of lamb left in the freezer. It is the ideal comfort food, and, ultimately a one-pot cooking solution. Allow a lazy afternoon for easy preparation and simmering, then reheat on the day for intense flavour

Roasted Potato and Celeriac Stacks with Wild Oregano

Potato and celeriac are sliced into thin rounds, piled into neat stacks, sprinkled with dried wild oregano and basted with goose fat, before roasting until brown and tender

Bitter Leaves with Sweet Orange Segments and Tarragon

Lyn has always liked to repeat an ingredient through a meal, in its various forms, to enjoy the differences and highlight its special contribution to the menu. Here the sweet orange contrasts with the sour of the Sevilles, and both give a sunny, refreshing colour to the menu


Baked Alaska Flamed with Rum

Yes, this spectacular dessert is loaded with sleights of hand – and generous Dawn is here, as usual, to show you how. For example - how to toast the meringue to a tasty golden-brown, how not to melt the ice-cream within, how to enchant with a little display of pyrotechnics. Once seen, never forgotten. A sure success for these remaining long nights