Lyn preparing Filo Pastry canape

Demonstrated by the Experts

Lyn and Dawn, two experienced cooks, demonstrate new seasonal recipes using glorious local ingredients. This takes place in Lyn’s cottage kitchen in Winchcombe where the atmosphere is welcoming, fun and friendly and the groups are small and like-minded.

Both have taught cooking for years in the UK and across the world, and are still keen to share their enjoyment of cooking by providing delicious fail-safe recipes that are bound to inspire. Providing plenty of modern cooking techniques, hints, tips and treasures from their recipe collections, this enjoyable event lasts about four hours - from coffee, tea and home-made biscuits to a final sumptuous tasting of all the recipes. Whilst most of the cooking takes place on a large and roomy AGA, Dawn and Lyn are equally at home on gas and electric cookers. All recipes are annotated accordingly. One-to-one AGA clinics with Dawn, after the demonstration, are free.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a confident cook, an AGA-lover or not, there is something for you. By booking a place for only £45 you will also be supporting the work of the admirable charity, Kate’s Home Nursing.

Waste not, want not

Whole Grain Mustard tends to become vinegary as it nears the end of its life.  Simply add some honey to the jar to top it up.  Not only will this eke it out, the flavour is much improved.

Autumn apple.jpg

Led by the seasons,


By now we are familiar with the demands of separation.  At the time of writing, we are separated from our friends, our families, our shops, our restaurants and coffee shops. Most of all we are separated from sitting around a table sharing food with people we like, one of the most basic, civilised and necessary forms of comfort and joy.

Hoping for an ease in these restrictions, we have devised a summer buffet which can be cooked and enjoyed with a serene acceptance of the new rules on hygiene and distancing, keeping our friends and loved ones safe whilst enjoying their company. Most of the food is in separate portions and cut small to prevent handling.  Serving outside is ideal - the fresh air sharpens the taste buds and your food will taste even better.

This is not the time for complicated, recherché food and browsing in supermarkets.  Like others we have reached into the depths of our larders for dry goods and used the internet for novel and exciting ingredients – including edible fresh flowers and ‘nduja.

When planning a buffet - remember that all the dishes you offer should not be cold, but consist of an easy assortment of hot, chilled, room temperature and warm items – to continue to tempt the appetite.  Freshly-boiled waxy little potatoes in melted butter is always a winner, just re-heat them in the microwave in an attractive dish.

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Sweet-Sour Cucumber Salad

Disarming, modest and understated, a mix of mild vinegar and sugar raises sliced cucumber to a popular classic.  Wonderful on the hottest day with cold roast chicken, salmon, chunky vegetable salads or painted onto cucumber canapés 

"A treat for the dark months" 

Margaret Reid, Winchcombe