A selection of sieves for the keen cook is important. Use the finest for glossy gravies and stocks, medium for sugars and flours, and the smallest for straining sauces straight into a sauce jug or gravy boat

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How do I book?

Please text or call Lyn on 07866 187308 or 01242 603721, or email lynhall@lapetitecuisine.co.uk

Where are they held?

In Lyn Hall’s cosy, fully equipped kitchen in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire UK.  A map and full details on how to find us are provided on booking and will be emailed or posted.

Is there parking?

The cottage is in a narrow lane in medieval Winchcombe, so no. Best parking is in the Library Car Park - an eight minute walk away, past some useful shops, pubs and restaurants. It’s only £1 per day until 17.30.

How many people in a class?

Only ten, so booking is essential.

I don’t have an Aga - is this session right for me?

Yes - very much so. Lyn is quite new to the AGA, having spent her professional life cooking in electric ovens, and on a gas hob.  All recipes will have electric oven temperatures.  An electric hob will also be used.

Do I have to be an experienced cook?

Not at all. If you like food and would like to take time off to relax and enjoy yourself, this is for you.

How long should I allow for the class and the tasting?

The class will run for 2 1/2 hours, the tasting about an hour.  If you would like to stay on for an AGA clinic - allow another 20 minutes or so. 

Can I bring a friend?

Many come with a friend - helps even more to relax and enjoy the session.  Some have a bite beforehand in one of the many eateries which Winchcombe has to offer - taking care to keep an appetite for the generous tasting after the class.

Is there a shop?

There will be  home-baked cakes, and jams and jellies made from foraged and hand-picked fruit for sale to help raise money for Kate’s Home Nursing. But no shop as such, so bring a small shopping bag.

Is there accommodation nearby?

Yes, a short walk away there are B&B’s, inns and pubs. We recommend The Lion.

How can I get copies of the recipes?

Copies of the recipes readily supplied by email or post for a donation to Kate's Home Nursing.

Still have questions?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch and email your questions to Lyn via lynhall@lapetitecuisine.co.uk

Picking redcurrants at Hayles Fruit Farm

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