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The name Lyn Hall is legendary in the culinary world, founder of La Petite Cuisine of Cooking, the famous cookery school in Richmond, Surrey. Fiona Cairns, royal baker, said the person who taught me most was Lyn Hall at the school. Lyn is a chef who has written authoritative cookery books, including Lyn Hall’s Cookery Course, setting out clear cooking principles with well tested recipes, advised and collaborated with many celebrity chefs and cooks. 

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Lyn designed her open plan kitchen to give cooking demonstrations when she arrived in Winchcombe from London. With equipment such as a Neff oven, a gas and induction hob - these lessons are for everyone, and will show cooking on mainstream electric appliances as well as an AGA.


"It was Lyn who enabled me to become the kitchen equivalent of the couturier - a creative cook"

Bruce Oldfield, OBE British Fashion Designer

“In the relaxed atmosphere of her lovely home and using fresh, locally produced, quality ingredients Lyn demonstrated a meal which we then sampled.


She was well prepared and took the time to explain the value of the ingredients and preparation skills required.  Lyn has the gift of someone able to inspire others to appreciate the whole cooking experience.


She combined her charm, training and skills into a not-to-be-missed experience from which both budding amateurs and skilled practitioners alike would benefit.”

Steve Williams, Winchcombe

Little Known Treasure

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"This is the best cookery book that i have ever read. i digested it cover to cover and it really did improve many of my cooking techniques. The style of writing is informal but clear and informative. Her anecdotal stuff is very interesting too."

"The combination of really modern recipes, for the sort of food  we all wish to eat, along with the thoroughness of the recipe notes, giving answers to all one's queries - missing from most modern books - makes this a must-have cookbook for every kitchen."

"The uninviting cover hides a treasure trove of teaching - follow the theory and the handy tips and you will have success in the kitchen. Lyn Hall really is a brilliant teacher and many of her recipes have been tested hundreds of times by the students who have passed through her capable hands… What is clever is the mix of fashionable tastes with unaltering classics – "
Jacqui Pickles President of Les Dames d' Escoffier

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"Excellent book covers all essential and quite a few advanced techniques. Well worth the money to anyone who ever does anything in the kitchen with foods …..the book…is great not just because it clear explains cutting techniques, but because it also talks about the different types of knife and the pros and cons of different tangs, blades and materials."

"I first heard of Lyn Hall because i bought a book about knife skills which she co-wrote with other chefs and was delighted to find that there really does exist a book that can improve one's cooking abilities"