AGA Expert &

Cookery Demonstrator

Dawn is a self-confessed AGAholic!  Having worked for AGA for many years she has demonstrated the cooker worldwide, trained sales staff and worked on product developments, whilst gathering an extensive knowledge on the history of the cooker. 


An adviser on all things AGA including the latest Mary Berry and Lucy Young’s The Complete AGA Cookbook, author of the AGA Total Control and AGA 60 recipe books, Dawn is co-author of A Lifetime of AGA, The New Rayburn Cookbook and is the AGA Food Editor for the AGA Magazine. Her mission is to help owners get the best from their cast iron cooker.

"What an amazing day! I never knew I had it in me to cook all those amazing – and so simple! – dishes but Dawn made it happen. I would recommend Dawn to anyone who has a great big beautiful cast iron beast in their kitchen and would dearly love to learn to be able to use it better – while having fun at the same time."

Sandy L. MBE, Sale